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It may seem a strange route into mature modelling but The Model Alliance Mature knows that TV & Film extra work is often the best and most consistent way for an aspiring mature model to find work. Not only this but for those hoping to make a steady living from something like commercial modelling, working as an extra in TV & Film is a great addition to your portfolio and can get you the necessary exposure to get noticed and fully signed on to a reputable agency. Not only is TV & Film extra work steady and good exposure for mature models, it is always also loads of fun! You could well be working (most probably in the background) on some huge films and TV shows and even meet some of the world’s greatest actors.
The requirements for TV & Film extra work are of course less strict than other areas of modelling as actors of all age, shape and size are needed for all kinds of shows and films as extras tend to represent the public.

TV & Film extra work for mature models does not require you to have any acting experience, you are more there to look good and make the film seem more authentic, you just need to be well natured and hungry to go further in either acting or modelling (you need to be liked by the casting director!). There are however endless openings in TV & Film extra work for mature models and so there are a huge number of agencies to choose from, The Model Alliance Mature have worked with almost all of them and so we can offer the best advice on which are best suited to you. You need only send us in a free application today.

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