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Plus Size Modelling

Too old or too fat, it is more often than not one of these preconceptions that stops an aspiring model from pursuing their career. Many still believe modelling to only be for the young, tall, slender men and women but The Model Alliance Mature knows this has never been completely true and in the modern era opportunities for the older and the larger models have become more and more frequent. Even the upper reaches of modelling, high fashion, has seen large independent designers use plus size models for some of their projects, you need only look at the career of Natalie Laughlin.

The one issue most models have when embarking on their career is not focusing their attentions correctly when attempting to find jobs, for instance they spend days trying to track down high fashion agencies, only to find they obtain no work because they are not at all suited to that genre of modelling. The Model Alliance Mature possesses a team of professionals that are highly experienced in working with models and model employers alike and so are able to effectively advise and guide models to where they need to be within the industry.
The physical criteria for mature plus size models is of course very different to that of say catwalk modelling, clients prefer a well-proportioned figure that is size 12 or more with striking facial features and a real confidence in the body you were given. It is this confidence that will set your pictures alight and portray the love one must have for their own body if they are going to be a mature plus size model.

The Model Alliance have helped numerous models to find their niche of modelling and go on to be greatly successful in their field, The Model Alliance Mature wants to offer these expertise to you at no charge at all. Just send us in a free application for an assessment today!

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