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The Model Alliance are looking for applications from the age of 30 and over. Many who are of that age tend to believe that any dreams they may have had as a ‘youngster’ are now well past them and should be abandoned. The Model Alliance can tell you categorically that this is not the case, there is a huge need for mature models, now more than ever. Mature models are being used across the modelling spectrum more frequently year on year and The Model Alliance have seen a spike in agencies that cater specifically to mature models.

There are a few things you need to address before embarking on a mature modelling career and The Model Alliance have helped countless models prepare fully before tackling the industry. You will need to know the genre of mature modelling best suited to your attributes, a portfolio, posing tips, agency links and many other pieces of advice and guidance unbeknown to many aspiring mature models. The Model Alliance invites al successful applicants to have a test shoot at a leading photography studio in order to fully assess your potential, as well being able to get you great posing experience and a top-end, professionally produced portfolio, possibly the most vital tool to a mature model. From there The Model Alliance can evaluate your pictures and link you with agencies best suited to your skillset. The Model Alliance Mature is not an agency, we are here to give you the assets to give you a greater chance of being well received by the industry and then find regular work.

Mature models are so important to the modelling industry, especially the catalogue and extra work sectors, and so there is always a desire from agencies to unearth more aspiring mature models. To find out if you’re suited to the modelling industry then send in a free application to The Model Alliance today.

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