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High Fashion The Model Alliance

High Fashion The Model Alliance

High Fashion modelling is often thought of as the top of the modelling world, those out there shooting for Chanel and Givenchy cannot take their careers further. Due to our experience The Model Alliance knows that it is most certainly true that models that find work in high fashion are often the best paid and find themselves working for some of the most desirable and prestigious brands around, and people seem to think these jobs are confined to the early twenties, impossibly skinny models but like people’s ideals of what defines beauty changes, the models that find work in all areas of models changes with it. Mature models are an example of models that are finding more and more work in every category of modelling. Mature models are those that are over the age of around 35 and many believe this to be a barren job market but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Agencies are screaming out for more mature models. Mature modelling within high fashion has always existed but it is now experiencing a huge surge. You need only look at the number of agencies that specialise in mature models, the stories of models like Sara Stockbridge and the everlasting careers of models like Kate Moss to see the evidence of Mature models being so relevant in high fashion.

High fashion modelling does however take a whole lot of hard work. You may have heard tales of models getting picked up off the streets of London, or in major airports, but these are exceptional cases and the majority of mature models within high fashion come from spending large amounts of time circulating your image and going to as many agencies, castings and freelance opportunities as possible, with the main goal being of course to promote yourself. Along with hard work you of course need to also have the look. The physical constraints of who can become a high fashion model are usually extremely strict but with mature modelling within high fashion it is of course slightly more relaxed. What is vital is a beautiful, elegant look, and of course being taller than average is something desired in high fashion modelling.

The Model Alliance have assisted countless mature models to get them on course to reaching their full potential within modelling and there is still a lot of high fashion and mature model agencies out there hungry to get their hands on more mature models that are fit to go on editorial shoots, all you need to do is send us some pics with your application and we can start to assess your potential.

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