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Female Modelling

As an ageing woman insecurities about your body can often take over and your self image can get seriously harmed. The Model Alliance are here to tell you that the dream of becoming a model is not necessarily over. Models of more advanced years have always been needed in the modelling industry and with companies attempting to make their advertising campaigns more relatable and a much more liberal and empowering attitude towards modelling has meant that mature female models are being used more and more and so there has never been a better chance to at least try your hand at an extremely lucrative and rewarding career. Proof of this is in the rising number of agencies that specialise in taking on mature models.

Modelling is however quite a confusing industry to work out and it can be difficult to find your niche. There are many genres, even for a mature female model, that you can target to find work, all of which have different restrictions and requirements. That is where we at The Model Alliance can help. We offer a test shoot to all our applicants in order to assess their potential and even help them to build a portfolio, two vital points in attempting to scale the modelling industry. Along with this we offer advice and guidance on all aspects of your modelling career, up to the point of linking you up with suitable agencies, so you are in the best possible position to make a successful career as a mature model.
In order to obtain our completely free service, you only need send The Model Alliance in an application today with a couple of your best shots.

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