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Ethnic Models

Ethnic models over the last half century have had a meteoric rise with them now being employed across all other genres of modelling, from commercial to editorial, ethnic models are some of the most important to the modelling industry. You need only look at the career of Leneisy Montero, who has been involved in campaigns for Chanel, Givenchy and many more in recent years. Ms Montero is an example of an ethnic model who has gone on to the highest levels of modelling but it is ethnic models of a more varied age and size that are in highest demand within the modelling industry, and this is why mature ethnic models have found themselves some of the most desirable in the whole of the modelling industry.

A model that somebody in the general public can relate to, whilst also having the required elegance and charisma in front of a camera is exactly the kind of person the majority of agencies are looking for, most modelling work is commercial, catalogue and TV work. The Model Alliance are here to help you decide where your look and skillset can take you within the modelling world. With our wealth of experience in helping mature models through the early stages of their career we can help you to focus your efforts on the right area of modelling, giving you the greatest chance of making a living from your look! A successful commercial model will make a lot more than someone plugging editorial work when they aren’t cut out for it. The Model Alliance wants to help you be the best model you can be. By attending the test shoot we invite successful applicants to we are able to assess exactly what it is you excel at and what you should be looking to improve or take attention away from. Mature modelling is certainly more skilled than modelling earlier in your life as must be aware of your ‘good side’ so to speak and The Model Alliance are here to help you find your sweetspot and spring into the world of mature ethnic modelling.

The first steps into making this a reality are most definitely the hardest. The modelling world can be a scary place for someone with no guidance or base knowledge of modelling, The Model Alliance Mature does possess this knowledge and we would like to offer this to any aspiring mature ethnic model. Your look is the key to your career so by working with The Model Alliance we can figure out your potential, whether it be editorial or catalogue, there could be the career of a lifetime waiting for you in mature modelling, you need only apply to The Model Alliance with a couple of your best pics today for free!

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