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Commercial Modelling

When people think of modelling what they envisage will either be editorial or commercial. Editorial is the modelling projects done for style icons like Vivienne Westwood and commercial is the much larger employer that covers everything from huge jobs like working for Topshop or other big name high street brands, right down to the independent companies that are launching an advertising campaign. There are endless opportunities within commercial modelling and it is an area of modelling that is ever expanding and evolving. What we have been seeing in recent years is a desire for companies to use models from across the spectrum to try and target all age and size groups. With this is mind The Model Alliance have found that agencies are calling out for more models of an advanced age and they has even been a rise in agencies that specifically tailor to the mature models.

Mature models are perfect for commercial modelling as it is often the aim of the company to find a relatable and therefore marketable image. This means that the physical requirements for commercial modelling for mature models is less strict than that of high fashion modelling, as long as there is natural beauty and confidence shining through then its very possible that you have what it takes to become a model. This is something that is very hard to gauge for an aspiring mature model, whether your look is suitable for this career. The Model Alliance are here to give you the guidance on not just whether you could be a model, but also where you should concentrate your efforts, equip you with the tools to exploit those areas and even help you link with agencies affiliated to that area of modelling. The Model Alliance have worked with endless commercial models and mature commercial models and can provide you with completely free assistance on taking you as far as those before have managed.

Mature Models are becoming more and more relevant and commanding higher and higher wages within all sectors, let alone commercial, you need only send us some pics with a free application to The Model Alliance today to start your journey to discovering yourself as a mature model.

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