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6 Models we offer all portfolios in disc form whilst still possessing that important professional nature, as our first prerogative is to give you any assistance necessary.

If this is your first taste of modelling, then you probably have not come across Z-cards before but it is just the modelling industry’s version of a business

As a mature model you will need a portfolio. It will be expected of you in some capacity by everyone that you work with, or apply to work with. Your portfolio

Webfolios are essentially an online version of your portfolio that can be accessed at any time via the internet. When presenting yourself as a model it is vita


Having a top quality portfolio is integral to the progression of a model’s career. As it is essentially your CV, it is your only way to showcase your skills to potential employers without physically posing in front of them. For this reason, investing time and effort into your portfolio can make a huge difference to the prospects you can expect as a model. Contrary to what people believe, there are many formats in which a portfolio can be presented, they all have advantages and different uses within the industry and The Model Alliance has the experience to advise aspiring mature models on what it is essential to them.